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Kids-KO2000 Pink Full Rim Round Eyeglasses

Pink Full Rim Round Kids Eyeglasses

Frame type: Full Rim


Pink Full Rim Round Kids Eyeglasses
Premium Anti-Reflective Lenses + ₹0

Correct near, immidiate for sightedness

Pink Full Rim Round Kids Eyeglasses
Blue Light Filter/ Computer Glasses + ₹800

Correct near, immidiate for sightedness

Pink Full Rim Round Kids Eyeglasses
Super Thin Blue Light + ₹1500

Correct near, immidiate for sightedness

1100 ₹1200
  • Frame Dimensions: 41/18-132 (mm)
  • Category: Kids 
  • Shape: Round
  • Frame Material: TR90
  • Model Code: KO2000
  • Size: Medium


Meet our Kids-KO2000 Pink Full Rim Round Eyeglasses in India, handcrafted with care right here in India. These eyeglasses seamlessly combine style with functionality to cater to your child's everyday vision needs. Suitable for both boys and girls, they are ideal for a wide range of activities.


Frame Type: With a full-rim design, the Kids-KO2000 ensures durability and lasting frame integrity. This design is not only fashionable but also highly practical, making these eyeglasses an excellent choice for your child's daily eyewear.


Single Vision Lenses for Eyeglasses: Designed for Indian conditions, our Kids-KO2000 eyeglasses feature precise single-vision lenses in India. These lenses offer clear and accurate vision correction, tailored to meet your child's specific vision requirements.


Premium Anti-reflective Coating: For reduced glare and enhanced clarity, our eyeglasses come with premium anti-reflective lenses. These lenses effectively minimize reflections, providing optimal vision clarity for your child.


Blue Light Filter Computer Glasses: In this digital age, our Kids-KO2000 eyeglasses in India are equipped with advanced blue light filter technology. These lenses protect your child's eyes from the potential harm of prolonged screen exposure, making them ideal for computer use.


Whether your child is engrossed in schoolwork or playtime activities, these eyeglasses offer essential visual support. The pink round frames add a playful touch to your child's everyday look.


Equip your child with the perfect blend of fashion and eye protection with our Kids-KO2000 Pink Full Rim Round Eyeglasses. Elevate their eyewear with these high-quality, India-made glasses, meticulously designed to meet their daily vision needs, whether in school or at play.


  • The Orange Eye Wear Collection features some of the most stylish and trendy Optical frames and sunglasses for Men, Women, and kids available in a variety of colors and shapes, it ensures that you always stand out with your unique style.


  • Featuring full rim round shape frame made of TR90 Material. It is safe for children. It is lightweight making it comfortable for everyday use.


  • Featuring Premium Spectacles made from TR90 Material which is Hypoallergenic and Environmental Friendly making it an ideal choice for kids.


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