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MLH017 Blue Full Rim Aviator Eyeglasses

Blue Full Rim Aviator Eyeglasses

Frame type: Full Rim


Blue Full Rim Aviator Eyeglasses
Premium Anti-Reflective Lenses + ₹0

Correct near, immidiate for sightedness

Blue Full Rim Aviator Eyeglasses
Blue Light Filter/ Computer Glasses + ₹800

Correct near, immidiate for sightedness

Blue Full Rim Aviator Eyeglasses
Super Thin Blue Light + ₹1500

Correct near, immidiate for sightedness

Blue Full Rim Aviator Eyeglasses
Normal Corridor Progressive Lenses + ₹4000

Correct near, immidiate for sightedness

Blue Full Rim Aviator Eyeglasses
Wide Corridor Progressive Lenses + ₹7000

Correct near, immidiate for sightedness

Blue Full Rim Aviator Eyeglasses
Biofocal Lenses + ₹2000

Correct near, immidiate for sightedness

3800 ₹3800
  • Frame Dimensions: 56-15-145 (mm)
  • Gender: Men
  • Shape: Aviator 
  • Frame Material: Metal (Stainless Steel)
  • Model Code: MLH017
  • Size: Medium


At Orange Eyewear India, we believe that vision correction doesn't have to mean compromising on style. Explore our collection of premium eyeglasses and discover designer frames to match your style. With brands like Killer, Vogue, Puma, Diesel, Rayban, Nike, and more, we offer the latest eyewear trends to show off your unique look.

Our glasses offer more than a bold style. With lightweight, durable lenses designed for optical clarity, our glasses improve the way you see the world. Special options like anti-blue light glasses, polarized lenses, and computer glasses fit your needs, whether you're working, gaming, or relaxing. At Orange Eyewear India, we make eye care easy and let you love what you see. Read on to explore all the factors in choosing glasses that suit your lifestyle and facial features. Factors to consider when choosing glasses
From the shape and color of the frame to the type of lenses and treatments, many factors go into finding the perfect pair of glasses. Here are some key considerations:

1. Frame shape and size
The shape and proportions of eyeglass frames have a big impact on the look, feel, and fit. Make sure you choose shapes that suit your face. Oval faces fit almost any shape, such as cat-eye glasses or rounded rectangles. Focus on the size provided. Square faces are balanced by soft, round frames. The bold colors also offset the sharp lines. For heart-shaped faces, cat-eye glasses and oval frames highlight the eyes and cheekbones.

Round faces are elongated by rectangular frames. Cat-eye glasses are also good. Aviator glasses and cat-eye glasses flatter triangle-shaped faces by drawing the eye upwards. 

2. Frame material From classic black plastic to modern titanium and stainless steel, the material of the glasses influences style, comfort, and price. Frames made of durable plastic or flexible metal alloy are a cost-effective option, while stainless steel offers light weight and strength. If you have a sensitive face and are prone to allergic reactions quickly, modern titanium frames prove to be the best option for your frames. 

3. Lens material Like frames, lens material affects the aesthetics and comfort of your glasses. Although plastic lenses are lightweight, they are a bit delicate. A durable polycarbonate lens would provide impact resistance, especially if you tend to wear glasses every day.

4. Lens treatment and coatings
Specialized treatments adapt the lenses to different environments and activities. You can choose the right pair of glasses for you, depending on how much time you spend outdoors or indoors. If you often find yourself in front of a screen, the anti-reflective coating on the lenses will help reduce eye strain and glare. If you spend most of your day outdoors, you can find several lens options that best suit your activity, such as:

Lenses with UV protection to filter harmful rays that can damage the eyes. The polarized cut lenses reflect light and reflections, ideal for driving and sports. Photochromic lenses that adjust the tint in response to light conditions. Blue light-blocking lenses filter out blue light from digital devices that cause eye strain. 
5. Prescription Options We offer single-vision, bifocal, and progressive lenses to meet your prescription needs. First-time wearers can try adjustable focus glasses to perfect their ideal prescription.

Single vision lenses: Single vision lenses correct nearsightedness or farsightedness in both eyes with a single prescription. They provide clear, distortion-free vision at all distances. Single vision works well for people with minor vision correction needs. Bifocal lenses: Bifocal lenses have two different prescriptions in one lens. The upper part corrects distance vision, while the lower segment helps near vision. Bifocal lenses allow you to easily switch focus between far and near.

Progressive Lenses: Progressive lenses offer a smooth transition to increase your prescription from top to bottom. Gradation eliminates bifocal lines for distortion-free vision at all focal lengths. Progressives provide perfect concentration for daily activities. Buy glasses online at Orange Eyewear India
Avoid the hassle of buying glasses in-store. Easily browse our online catalog of top brands and styles. We take care of prescriptions, lens fitting, and on-time delivery.

Explore a wide variety of glasses from international brands, with a guaranteed 1-year warranty. Enjoy incredible deals on high-quality prescription glasses, with no additional costs for high-power or complex lenses for your glasses.

Ready to experience life through a new lens? Stop squinting. Stop the headaches. Stop suffering from blurred vision. With Orange Eyewear India's collection of thousands of stylish vision-enhancing glasses, you can correct your vision by making a bold fashion statement.

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    • The Orange Eye Wear collection featuring some of the most stylish and trendy Optical frame & sunglasses for Men, Women & Kids available in a variety of colours and shapes, it ensure you always stand out with your unique style.


    • featuring full rim made from Stainless Steel in aviator shape which makes this frame even more attractive


    • Featuring premium spectacles made from Stainless Steel which is light weight and offers high strength making them the perfect for everyday use. 
  • Full frame blue aviator glasses for men in West Bengal can be a stylish and distinctive option for those who need prescription glasses. Below are some key features and considerations to keep in mind when selecting a pair:

    Frame Color: Blue frames are available in various shades, from sky blue to deep navy blue. Your choice of shade can affect your overall look and style, so choose one that suits your preferences and complements your wardrobe.

    Aviator Style: Aviator glasses typically feature the iconic teardrop lenses and a double bridge, offering a timeless, masculine look. Full Frame: Full frame aviator glasses have frames that surround the entire lens. This design ensures durability and robustness, making them suitable for everyday use. Lens Options: Since these are glasses, consider the type of lenses you need based on your prescription. You can choose between single vision, bifocal or progressive lenses. Additionally, anti-reflection coatings can help reduce reflections and improve clarity.

    Frame Material: Aviator glasses can be made of materials such as metal, titanium, or acetate. Metal frames are a classic choice for aviators, while titanium offers durability and lightweight comfort.

    Designs for men: While aviator glasses are generally unisex, you can find styles that more specifically cater to men's tastes, with larger frame sizes and more masculine color options. 

    Size: Pay attention to the size of your aviator glasses to ensure a comfortable and proportionate fit to your face. Larger frames can provide a bolder look, while smaller frames can be more subtle. 

    Brand and Price: Consider reputable eyewear brands known for their quality and craftsmanship. Prices for blue full frame aviator glasses and blue full frame aviator glasses for men in West Bengal may vary, so set your budget before purchasing. 

    Accessories: Some glasses come with additional accessories such as a protective case, cleaning cloth or warranty. These extras can add value to your purchase. 
    Prescription Requirements: Make sure the glasses can meet your specific prescription needs. If you have a strong prescription, you may want to consult an optometrist or optician to make sure the lenses are suitable. When purchasing full frame blue aviator glasses for men in West Bengal, it is essential to consider your prescription needs and face shape to find the right fit. Trying different styles and consulting with an eye doctor can help you make an informed decision that suits both your vision needs and your personal style.

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