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Tortoise-KO2010 Tortoise Full Rim Cat Eye Eyeglasses

Tortoise Full Rim Cat Eye Eyeglasses

Frame type: Full Rim


Tortoise Full Rim Cat Eye Eyeglasses
Premium Anti-Reflective Lenses + ₹0

Correct near, immidiate for sightedness

Tortoise Full Rim Cat Eye Eyeglasses
Blue Light Filter/ Computer Glasses + ₹800

Correct near, immidiate for sightedness

Tortoise Full Rim Cat Eye Eyeglasses
Super Thin Blue Light + ₹1500

Correct near, immidiate for sightedness

1100 ₹1200
  • Frame Dimensions: 45/16-129 (mm)
  • Category: Child
  • Shape: Cat eye
  • Frame Material: TR90 
  • Model Code: KO2010
  • Size: Small

 OrangeEyeWearIndia - Introducing our Tortoise-KO2010, a pair of Tortoise Full Rim Cat Eye Eyeglasses crafted to perfection right here in India. These eyeglasses seamlessly blend style with practicality, offering you a versatile accessory for daily wear. Designed for both men and women, they are tailored to meet a wide range of visual needs.

Frame Type: The Tortoise-KO2010 boasts a full-rim cat-eye frame, ensuring durability and longevity. This design is not only fashionable but also highly functional, making these eyeglasses an excellent choice for your everyday vision requirements.

Single Vision Lenses for Eyeglasses in India: Our Tortoise-KO2010 eyeglasses come with high-quality single vision lenses, customized to enhance your vision. Whether for reading, working, or simply going about your day, these lenses offer precise correction tailored to your specific needs.

Premium Anti-Reflective Coating: Equipped with a premium anti-reflective coating, these eyeglasses minimize glare and ensure optimal clarity. This coating is particularly beneficial for tasks that involve prolonged screen exposure, providing you with a comfortable visual experience.

Blue Light Filter for Computer Use: In the digital age, safeguard your eyes with our advanced blue light filter technology. These lenses effectively shield your eyes from the potentially harmful effects of extended screen time, making them ideal for computer use.

Crafted with Precision and Quality: We take immense pride in the quality and craftsmanship of our eyeglasses. Each pair is meticulously crafted to meet the highest standards, ensuring they not only enhance your vision but also stand the test of time.

Experience the perfect fusion of style, functionality, and eye protection with our Tortoise-KO2010 Cat Eye Eyeglasses. Elevate your eyewear game with these high-quality frames, designed to accompany you through your daily adventures across India. Choose the best for your vision – choose Tortoise-KO2010.


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