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TY-121 Tortoise Full Rim Butterfly Sunglasses

Tortoise Full Rim Butterfly Sunglasses

Frame type: Full Rim


3800 ₹4000
  • Frame Dimensions: 54-18-143 (mm)
  • Gender: Women
  • Shape: Butterfly
  • Frame Material: Acetate + Stainless steel
  • Lens : Polarized
  • Model Code: TY121
  • Size: Large
  • Front Colour: Tortoise brown


  • The Orange Eye Wear Collection features some of the most stylish and trendy sunglasses for both Men and Women, available in a variety of colors and shapes, it ensures that you always stand out with your unique style.


  • Featuring Full rim sunglass made from Acetate & Stainless steel combination which is lightweight and has high strength making it an deal choice for Women.


  • Featuring Premium Sunglasses made from Acetate & Stainless Steel & polarized Lens. It is Hypoallergenic and Environmental Friendly which is Perfect for Everyday Use.

The TY-121 Women's Tortoiseshell Full Frame Butterfly Sunglasses in West Bengal are a stylish option that combines the timeless appeal of tortoiseshell patterns with the elegant butterfly frame design. Here is a description of these sunglasses:

Frame Style: Butterfly frames are known for their elegant and feminine design. They have a raised shape that resembles butterfly wings, creating a flattering and glamorous look.

Frame Color: The frame features a tortoiseshell pattern, typically combining shades of brown and black, creating a warm and sophisticated color palette. The tortoiseshell pattern adds a touch of classic elegance to the sunglasses.

Frame Material: Sunglass frames can be made of various materials, including acetate, plastic, metal, or a combination of materials. For a classic style like these butterfly sunglasses, acetate is a popular choice due to its durability and ability to effectively highlight the tortoiseshell pattern.

Lens Type: Lenses may vary in color and coating, but are designed for style and protection from the sun's rays. Depending on the specific model, they may offer different levels of tint or polarization.

UV Protection: It is essential to ensure that these sunglasses offer adequate UV protection to protect your eyes from harmful ultraviolet (UV) radiation. High-quality sunglasses should provide sufficient UV protection for eye health.

Hinges and temples detail: The hinges that connect the temples (temples) to the frame can have various designs, from the most discreet to the more decorative ones. The temples themselves may have additional embellishments or patterns, enhancing the overall style of the sunglasses, TY-121 Women's Tortoise Full Frame Butterfly Sunglasses in West Bengal.

Nose pads: Some sunglasses may include adjustable nose pads to ensure a comfortable and secure fit on the bridge of your nose. Branding and Logo: Depending on the brand, there may be a subtle or prominent display of the logo or brand name on the temples or lenses.

Accessories: Sunglasses usually come with a protective case and cleaning cloth to help you maintain and store the glasses. The TY-121 Tortoiseshell Full Frame Butterfly Sunglasses for Women in West Bengal offer an elegant and timeless style that can enhance your overall look and add a touch of sophistication to your fashionable ensemble. The tortoiseshell pattern and butterfly frame design create a flattering and glamorous aesthetic. When choosing sunglasses, consider both your style and sun protection and make sure they meet your needs and preferences and complement your personal style.


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