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W-2378 Black Full Rim Semi Square Eyeglasses

Black Full Rim Semi Square Eyeglasses

Frame type: Full Rim


Black Full Rim Semi Square Eyeglasses
Premium Anti-Reflective Lenses + ₹0

Correct near, immidiate for sightedness

Black Full Rim Semi Square Eyeglasses
Blue Light Filter/ Computer Glasses + ₹800

Correct near, immidiate for sightedness

Black Full Rim Semi Square Eyeglasses
Super Thin Blue Light + ₹1500

Correct near, immidiate for sightedness

Black Full Rim Semi Square Eyeglasses
Normal Corridor Progressive Lenses + ₹4000

Correct near, immidiate for sightedness

Black Full Rim Semi Square Eyeglasses
Wide Corridor Progressive Lenses + ₹7000

Correct near, immidiate for sightedness

Black Full Rim Semi Square Eyeglasses
Biofocal Lenses + ₹2000

Correct near, immidiate for sightedness

1500 ₹1600
  • Frame Dimensions: 48-19-137(mm)
  • Gender: Men
  • Shape: Semi Square
  • Frame Material:  TR90
  • Model Code: W2378
  • Size: Small


Introducing the W-2378 Black Full Rim Semi Square Eyeglasses for Men - Where Style Meets Clarity

Discover the perfect blend of style and clarity with the W-2378 Black Full Rim Semi Square Eyeglasses, exclusively designed for men. These eyeglasses effortlessly combine fashion and functionality, offering a timeless and classic look while providing unparalleled visual clarity.

Key Features:

Full Rim Frame for Durability and Style: The W-2378 features a robust full-rim frame that seamlessly blends durability and style. The semi-square design adds a touch of sophistication to your appearance, making it a versatile choice suitable for various occasions. With these eyeglasses, you can exude elegance and confidence effortlessly.

Crystal-Clear Vision with Single Vision Lenses: Experience exceptional clarity with the single vision lenses crafted to cater to a wide range of vision needs. Whether you require eyeglasses for reading, distance vision, or astigmatism correction, these lenses deliver uncompromised visual excellence, ensuring your sight remains sharp and precise.

Premium Anti-Reflective Lenses for Clear Vision: Say goodbye to annoying glares and reflections with the premium anti-reflective lenses of the W-2378. These lenses minimize unwanted light reflections, providing you with a clear and distraction-free view. Your eyes remain the focus, allowing for optimal visual clarity in any environment.

Protect Your Eyes with Blue Light Filter Technology: In today's digital age, protect your eyes from the potential adverse effects of prolonged screen time with our blue light filter technology. These glasses are designed to reduce eye strain and promote comfortable computer use, making them an ideal choice for those who spend extended periods in front of screens. Safeguard your eye health while staying stylish.

Stylish and Effective Super Thin Blue Light Glasses: Not only do these glasses exude style, but they are also highly effective in blocking harmful blue light. The super-thin lenses provide exceptional protection against digital screen-induced fatigue, ensuring your eyes stay fresh and comfortable throughout the day.

The W-2378 Black Full Rim Semi Square Eyeglasses are more than just a fashion accessory; they represent a commitment to both style and visual comfort. With a perfect fit, timeless elegance, and unmatched visual clarity, these eyeglasses are designed to elevate your style while prioritizing your eye health.

Experience the fusion of style, functionality, and eye protection with the W-2378. Upgrade your eyewear collection and enhance your vision with the latest in eyeglass technology.

Choose the W-2378 Black Full Rim Semi Square Eyeglasses for the epitome of style and clarity. Don't compromise on either; embrace the perfect balance of fashion and visual excellence.


    • The Orange Eye Wear collection featuring some of the most stylish and trendy Optical frame & sunglasses for Men, Women & Kids available in a variety of colours and shapes, it ensure you always stand out with your unique style.


    • featuring full rim made from TR90 in semi square shape with front black and side red colour which makes this frame even more attractive


    • It is made up of Tr90 material which is flexible, durable, light weight and non-allergic for comfort wearing. It's a premium and comfortable Eyewear for everyday use.
  • The Black Full Frame Semi Square Prescription Glasses for Men in West Bengal offer a versatile and classic eyewear option. Below are some key features and considerations when choosing this type of glasses:

    Frame Color (Black): Black frames are timeless and can complement a wide range of outfits and styles. They offer a sleek and sophisticated look that is both professional and elegant.

    Semi-Square Shape: Semi-square glasses have a subtle square or rectangular shape that provides a balance between angular and rounded designs. This shape works well with various face shapes, including oval, round, and heart-shaped ones.

    Full Frame: Full frame glasses have frames that surround the entire lens, ensuring durability and stability for everyday use. Lens Options: Consider the type of lenses you need based on your prescription. You can choose between single vision, bifocal or progressive lenses, depending on your vision correction needs. Frame Material: Black frames can be made of various materials, including plastic, acetate, metal, or a combination of materials. Choose a material that suits your style and comfort preferences. Men's design: Look for glasses with a design specifically tailored to men's preferences, often featuring larger frames and a masculine color palette.

    Size: Pay attention to the size of the semi-square glasses to ensure they fit your face comfortably. Different sizes are available to suit various facial features.

    Brand and Price: Consider eyewear brands known for their quality and style. Prices for black half square full frame glasses can vary, so set your budget before purchasing.

    Accessories: Some glasses come with additional accessories such as a protective case, cleaning cloth or warranty and black half square full frame glasses for men in West Bengal. These extras can add value to your purchase.

    Prescription Requirements: Make sure the glasses can meet your specific prescription needs. Discuss lens thickness options with your optometrist or optician, especially if you have a strong prescription.

    When purchasing men's semi-square black full frame glasses in West Bengal, it is essential to take your prescription requirements and face shape into consideration to find the right fit. Trying different styles and consulting with an eye doctor can help you make an informed decision that not only fits your vision needs but also your personal style. Black frames offer a classic and versatile option that suits a variety of occasions and styles.

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